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  • Po odzyskaniu niepodległości i objęciu przez Polskę części Górnego Śląska profesor Ignacy Mościcki w 1922 został mianowany dyrektorem Państwowej Fabryki Związków Azotowych w Chorzowie.

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Zakłady Azotowe Chorzów S.A. is one of the oldest existing Polish chemical factories, boasting over 100 years of history and rich experience. It is part of the structures of Grupa Azoty S.A., the largest in Poland and the leading European fertiliser and chemical concern. The Company's product portfolio is directed to agriculture, in particular horticulture, fruit and vegetable growing under protection, chemical processing, food processing and oleochemical industry.
The basis of our activity is commitment to work and responsibility - for the manufactured products, their highest quality, technological processes, the environment, as well as for the employees who create them with the greatest care.

For over 100 years with tradition in modernity - according to this principle, our main goal is to satisfy our customers through the continuous development of our Company. We are constantly expanding our assortment in response to the needs of the market and its buyers. However, one of the most important elements of innovation of products manufactured in ZACh is their complementarity, having Quality Control systems, extensive experience, modern laboratory, we can guarantee repeatable, high quality of all our products.

Our portfolio includes

  • Ultra pure, chlorine-free potassium nitrate, used in fertilizers, food and technical chemistry.
  • Calcium nitrate solution - high-quality fertilizer fully soluble in water.
  • AZOPLON line - multicomponent NPK mixtures
  • FERTIPLON line - crystalline fertilizers dedicated to crops under cover.
  • ChoSTEAR stearin manufactured from renewable raw materials, used in the production of synthetic rubber, latex, rubber, paraffin emulsions, lubricants and candle, candle, candle and kindling production.

The Company's offer is addressed to the following sectors of the economy: agriculture, in particular horticulture, fruit and vegetable farming under protection, construction, chemical and oleochemical processing, rubber and plastics industry, including the production of synthetic rubber and tyres, food industry, production of crystal glass and explosive and explosion-proof blends.

Zakłady Azotowe Chorzów S.A. is not only a production activity. In our assortment we also have a wide range of services - energy, water, sewage and railway. We also offer office and warehouse space rental, as well as professional laboratory services.

photo: Management building with a view of the historic water tower from 1916.

photo: Management building with a view of the historic water tower from 1916.

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