Sodium pyrosulfite E223

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is a sulfurous acid sodium salt, a food preservative. It is a white solid with a characteristic smell and a crystalline structure.



  • is mainly used for the production of wine, beer, ciders and white vegetable preserves, e.g. prepared horseradish,
  • it can also be found in: pastry and confectionery products, bread, fruit juices, potato products, etc.,
  • is also used for flour processing,
  • bactericidal, fungicidal, antioxidant and reducing properties.



  • it dissolves very well in water,
  • it inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria, it has a less pronounced effect on yeasts,
  • This compound reduces the content of vitamins consumed in food (especially vitamin B2 and beta-cyanin dyes, while E223b prevents the oxidation of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C) through their oxidation.

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