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is a food additive, preservative, extending the shelf life of foodstuffs by protecting against deterioration caused by the presence of microorganisms and protecting against the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

At the customer’s request, the product is available without an anti-caking agent or with an anti-caking agent.

Anti-caking agent E 551 - the product contains silicon dioxide E 551 in a quantity from a minimum of 0.5% to a maximum of 1.0%.

Anti-caking agent E 504 (ii) - the product contains magnesium hydrogen carbonate E 504(ii) in a quantity from a minimum of 1.3% to a maximum of 1.7%. pH value for 5% solution with the anti-caking agent is 10.6 ÷ 10.9.

The product delivered without the anti-caking agent may cake.



it is used for wet or dry curing, cold meats, meats, and sausages, where it prevents loss of color of preserved products,

is also used in the production of cheeses, especially rennet and processed cheese, where it is responsible for maintaining cheese hardness,

also used in the production of toothpastes.



is characterized by high purity due to the use of a technology that allows obtaining a product that does not contain chloride ions and heavy metals,

effectively preserves food - extends the durability of food products, strengthens the taste and affects the appearance,

is covered by the Food Safety Management System in the framework of which Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Hygienic Practice as well as HACCP principles are applied.



BAG - 25 kg

BIG BAG - 1000 kg

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