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The Laboratory of Zakłady Azotowe Chorzów S. A. offers the possibility of conducting analyzes according to adequate research methodologies.

Our many years of experience in research on animal fats, oils, fatty acids, biofuels, glycerin and other products have encouraged us to leave the hermetic area of our activity and share the effects of our work with you. The department has experienced, ambitious and well-educated staff with the necessary qualifications to perform any tests. The professional level of our staff is supported by both internal and external training.

Our laboratory is equipped with specialized equipment, including the Anton-Paar 4100M spectrometer, HACH LANGE DR6000 spectrophotometer, LOVIBOND PFXi colorimeter with a heated chamber, RX-7000i refractometer, THERMO SCIENTIFIC TRACE 1300 (FID) gas chromatograph, VELP SEREL 148 semiautomatic grease extraction unit, water determination apparatus using the Karl Fischer method and others.

A professional team and modern equipment guarantee high credibility and reliability of our services.

If you are interested in our laboratory services, please contact:
Łukasz Stefański - tel. +48 575 600 585      


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