FERTIPLON SulfMag Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate

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is a high-quality magnesium-sulfur fertilizer, crystalline, completely soluble in water, without foreign matter. Universal fertilizer for all arable crops. Used in agriculture, horticulture and gardening



  • recommended for foliar nutrition with magnesium and sulfur from the tillering to the earing phase of grains, potatoes, beets, legumes, and grassland,
  • recommended for foliar feeding of crops with high sulfur demand, such as: rape, cabbage, radish, charlock, onion, leeks, garlic,
  • the fertilizer is widely used for fertigation of protected horticultural crops: tomato, cucumber, pepper and ornamental plants, including conifers,
  • particularly suitable for fertigation through a drip irrigation system,
  • for the enrichment of horticultural substrates (e.g. peat substrates) for the production of ornamental plant cuttings, vegetable plant seedlings and protected cultivation of plants,
  • component of fertilizer mixtures.



  • the fertilizer is a rich source of two important secondary nutrients: magnesium and sulfur, responsible for, among others, the process of photosynthesis and production of fats and proteins in plant tissues, especially during the period of intensive growth,
  • protects plants against fungal diseases,
  • does not contain ballast substances – it can be entirely used by plants,
  • easily soluble in water, contains very easily absorbable forms of both macronutrients in the solution,
  • can to some extent offset the previously found symptoms of magnesium and sulfur deficiency,
  • improves the effectiveness of the use of other nutrients, mainly nitrogen and phosphorus.



BAG       25 kg

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