FERTIPLON NK FERTILIZER POTASSIUM NITRATE (fertilizer potassium saltpeter)

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is a specialized multicomponent nitrogen and potassium fertilizer. Used as a fertilizer for protected crops and for more valuable ground plants and a raw material for the production of compound fertilizers. Potassium saltpeter is an ideal source of nitrogen and potassium for optimal nutrition of plants. At the customer’s request, the product can be produced without the anti-caking agent or with the anti-caking agent PETRO AG in the amount from 0.06% to 0.14%. The product delivered without the anti-caking agent may cake.


  • a fertilizer that enables providing the plants with rich nutrients at all phases of growth,
  • recommended for composing NPK fertilizer mixtures used in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants,
  • used in all fertigation systems,
  • used in hydroponic and soil cultivations.


  • crystalline, completely soluble in water,
  • ultrapure with a low chloride content,
  • easily absorbed during foliar feeding as well as through the root system at all stages of growth,
  • compatible with other types of fertilizer,
  • easy to apply,
  • it does not contain ballast substances and consists only of macronutrients fully absorbed by plants.


BAG - 25 kg

BIG BAG - 1000 kg

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