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is a mixture of predominantly saturated fatty acids containing from 16 to 18 carbon atoms in the hydrocarbon chain. The name of the stearin is derived from stearic acid, i.e. a saturated acid with 18 carbon atoms, which is the main component of stearin. In the case of Zakłady Azotowe Chorzów S.A., the starting raw material for obtaining stearin are mixtures of saturated and unsaturated acids of animal origin – distilled fatty acids – an intermediate product manufactured with a Category II animal fat processing installation under strict veterinary supervision. (Veterinary No. of the production plant: 24637601).



  • variety of applications in industrial products,
  • improves and changes the consistency or melting point of the substance to which it is added,
  • lubricant,
  • prevents oxidation,
  • a popular ingredient in countless types of products, from candles and rubber products to fire starters and vulcanized rubber,
  • in the production of candles - hardens the wax and strengthens the candle, as well as affects the melting temperature of the wax, increasing the durability and uniformity of candles.

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